How You Can Help

What does FFRC need in a year to operate?

20,000 Cans of Cat Food

That's right! Twenty THOUSAND cans of food!

A Ton of Dry Cat Food

(Purina One, Iams, ProPlan, Eukanuba are good brands)

10,000 Pounds of Cat Litter

Oh My! That's a lot of Scooping!

1200 Jars of Meat Only Baby Food

Derecho Sez "I don't eat them all!"

1000 Packets of Treats

Center Kitties, Covies, and Porchies

Lots of Cleaning Supplies!!!

Chlorox Wipes/Bleach/White Vinegar/Mr. Clean/
Mr. Clean Erasers/Dawn Soap/HE Liquid Laundry Soap/Bounce Dryer Sheets/Bath Towels

Paper and Trash Products

Paper Plates/Toilet Paper/Paper Towels/13 gal. Garbage Bags/30-33 gal. Garbage Bags/Grocery Bags without Holes

Kitten Season Needs

KMR - Liquid

Kitten Food - Royal Babycat/FancyFeast Kitten/Purina One Kitten

Fragrance Free Baby Wipes (Please make surethat they DO Not have Alcohol - Vitamin E  and Aloe are ok)

Kitty Happiness and Adoptions


Volunteer Happiness

Treats for volunteers! Packages of snacks or other small fun items for the volunteers.

Gift Cards

Can't decide what to send? Gift cards are nice and Jacci can use them when supplies run low. She prefers gift cards to:

  • Meijer
  • Walmart
  • Pet Supply Plus
  • Pet Smart
  • Shell Gas

Other Ways to Help

Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center relies upon your donations to continue to help cats and kittens and to help with our costs associated with spaying, neutering and needed medical treatments. Remember, most of the cats entering FFRC are not in the best of health and usually require additional care. Consider a donation of any size. You can mail your donation, use the PayPal Donate button on the right or drop it off and donate some TLC directly to the kitties. Every bit helps! A gift to FFRC in your will can provide many lifetimes of care for the felines. Please consider a generous bequest that will allow many more cats to have a second chance at life. PayPal can also be set up to automatically send a monthly designated amount to FFRC.

Even if you can’t afford to give directly to FFRC you can still help. You can help us by using our referral link whenever you shop at Amazon. You must use the direct Amazon link at (NO bookmarks or your purchases will not be counted)... Please Use this link before you make any purchases for any shopping you do, whether it is for FFRC or not. Amazon makes a donation to FFRC based on your purchases. It will not add anything to your bill & all of your personal & shopping information is kept private & not shared with FFRC.

Frontline Flea spray..Jacci regularly uses Capstar, however she will use Frontline spray if there is an excessive number of fleas.

Jacci collects the Paw points from Fresh Step kitty litter (Please ensure that the complete number is on the back of the coupon, in order for it to be valid)

We are also collecting the Spartan labels from grocery items. Please send in the UPC codes from any Spartan products that you buy from any store..(not your receipt, but from the product itself) You can mail those in to us and we’ll do the rest!

You can also send in Coupons for any normal Household items including food, pet supplies or cleaning products. The coupons will also be shared with the Volunteers. (Please highlight the expiry date)

You can also use this Goodsearch link as another way to help FFRC & either do your normal online searches or to do your shopping from a very long list of stores. 

Did you know you can donate your aluminum cans? You can bring them to us or you can take them to Werlor’s recycling center on Ralston Ave. in Defiance and tell them to credit the FFRC account. We are still asking for Defiance Chief Supermarket register receipts. Chief very generously gives the rescue center .05% cash back from all the receipts we turn in, which adds up to a BIG help for the cats and kittens! If you can’t make it out to drop them off, feel free to drop them in the mail to us.