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Each time a kitten or cat gets adopted, it pleases me! While a bit of my heart goes with each one, an adoption means the opening for another cat or kitten in need. It's wonderful how love and compassion are "renewable resources"! We just continue to give that love and compassion on to another feline in need.

Yes, our numbers are coming down. That is normal for this time of year. It also gives us a way to be ready for the upcoming baby season. In the last couple HumaneOhio surgery dates, we are already seeing cat in heat.

We have had TEN more adoptions since the last blog--on 1/15!
Jan. 15--Cas was adopted. He's our gorgeous boy, blue eyes, wispy fur, full of love.

Jan. 16--Noodle was adopted. He is long hair black, with a gorgeous front mane of long fur.

Jan. 16--Soames & Scampi were adopted --sister/brother now to be forever together.

Jan. 16--Fern went to be with couple who will love this sweet boy.

Jan. 17--Zippo was adopted. He's the second of 3 brothers now in homes!

Jan. 17--Willow & Zeppo were adopted--great friends & now all 3 of the Z boys in homes

Jan. 18--Fio adopted--I saw a picture of him sleeping in his mama's arms already

Jan. 18--Snuggzy--a home with Fern--2 good friends together!

We have thanks to give! We were able to catch up on BOXES on Friday! Many thanks for such awesome gifts.

TearsFromADream - 2 Cases 9-Lives, Case of Friskies & 3 Catnip Mice
Flymom - 3 Boxes Delectables
Stinkygreykitty - Kitty Card/note & Adoption Bag Stickers, Kitty Ring for Fun Raiser

Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 Boxes Fancy Feast
MaryAnn B - SC - In Memory of her Casey - 8 kitty Books-use however you please
Myrna A/mommymyrina - 5 Beautiful blankies for Heaven Bound Blankets

Jody J - 2 cases 9-Live
Cindy G/Storyteller - Book/T-Shirt Slash Park Adventure in Defiance T-Shirt says Together we can do Magic!
Fran's Co-Workers - Certificate of Donation in honor of Fran's Retirement of $650 donation & Jennifer B Name a Cat in honor of Fran "Davis"

Anony - 10 Purple Purring Mama's
Dim - 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 Cases Fancy Feast Adult
Ju-in-ji - 6 boxes Delectable Bisque

Jane90125 - 16lb Bag Purina One Kitten
Aprilcatlover - 2 Cases 9-Lives, 2 Boxes Appetizers
Fred, Gail & Boo Boo - For Jessie: 2 Boxes Delectable Sr. & 2 Boxes of Delectable Bisque

Eaglewatcher - WeRuVa Box of 15 packets Showcase Chow Down-cats love them!
Plee - 4 pretty Nap Blankets for FFRC kitties & Tag from Fresh Step
NHFurry & Rescued Pride - 1000 Potty Bags!

Diane N/TweetiTweet - Box of Sheba Cups, 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, and Fancy Feast Adult, Temptation Snackers
Ferole/Painted Daisy - To Raise money: All photos by Ferole - 2-Sets photo cards & Envelopes, 3 Canvas Photos, Hibiscus, Tulips & Blackberry Lily, Also Calendar for FFRC

Donnie, Kathy in WV and Critters - LaserLight/spinner/treat dispenser toy
Jaxx - 5 Purple Purring Mama's
NHFurry - CATATHON Circus Basket
Robert & Tobais - Cat Tower (will put together soon!)

Tomorrow, Monday is another HumaneOhio day. Yes, it's cold out there, so we will do check ins inside PawMart. Plus, we keep the crates covered to retain the heat. In addition, the truck from HumaneOhio is heated for the cats! Hoping for a full schedule!

Tux is doing awesome! He has beat his cold. That little one has so much energy now and a huge appetite. He goes right along with Derecho, taking bites from all the plates! Tux is on hold and just waiting to grow bigger so he can be neutered!

Anony - 8 Boxes 12ct 9-Lives
Elain & Alan FL In Memory of LittleKat - 2 Bags Litter, 5-24ct Friskies, 1-32ct Friskies, 1-24ct Fancy Feast, 1 Box Appetizers
Diana & Paul B (Elliot Rose B&B) Chief Tapes, Bath Mats & Bath Towels

Sarah - Very Nice note with Christmas Kitty Drawing, and some much appreciated Kitty Wipes. Also Sarah sent a beautiful Tiger Eye type bead necklace that she made.
Anony - 4 Purple Purring Mama's
Cait Ot - 4-320ct 6" plates

Dilly Di--a box loaded with goodies--lots of handmade kitty toys--for the FFRC cats and for adoptions. Such an assortment--all handmade with kindness. Also a bagful of Appetizers and another bag full of Broths.

Anony Stainless Steel non-skid food/water bowl
FaithyMD - Hobbit Birthday: Spring toys for kitties
DKWeiler - 3 Purple Purring Mama's

Don, Joy & the Herd - Kitty Card Happy New Year! Weight Circles & Donation
Martha & Mr Whiskers - TX - Coupons, Box Tops, with Donation and 2 Chicken $5 from Mr Whiskers
Melissa L - NY - Donation
Phil & Judy - IN Donation
Diane H - NC Donation

Rene B - PA 10 Points Tabs
Dave & Jan H - Card and photo of Birka, she is now known as Allie. She was adopted 4 Jan 2012..
Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation in honor of Marilyn
Glynette M - CA Donation
Dave - Donation for the sponsorship of his Gang: Vern, Marilyn, Kiera, Coralie & Hensley
OregonCatLadyMarilyn - Card with Note

We had a Flash Sale on Weds. You know what makes our Flash Sales so awesome? YOU!! I so appreciate those that donate the items for the Sale, those that purchase those items, the mods for guiding the Sale and all those that are so positive about these Sales! This Flash Sale produced $322! This amount will go towards the spays/neuters that we had done on 1/6. Many thanks!

We have taken on a new cat. She was found in November by an FFRC friend. She was so loved by this person but it didn't work out with her resident cat., so FFRC took her. Her name is Aricia, a Name a Cat name. It's pronounced A-rick-ee-a. She's a very pretty black/white cat--most of her is white with black pokie dots on her lower back and with black ears. Her birthday is 2/27/19. Aricia arrived 1/17.

Tomorrow, Monday starts our January Fun-Raiser. We have 8 awesome items in it. We will have BOXES on Thursday at 1:00, with the Drawing after that. And following that, will be Consolation Prizes! A fun afternoon and one that will help FFRC! Check out our FB pages to see the items plus they will be scrolled on our kitty cam too. Thank you.

We have more thanks to give!
SavannahB (adopted Noodle)--donation to FFRC
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Kimkost--donation to FFRC, use where most needed
Deborah S--donation to FFRC
Yaseen E-E--donation for a toy for Fio's adoption and for Cutie, Asha & Coralie
James R--donation to FFRC
Tony A--donation to FFRC
Steve K--donation for FFRC

We had a Neuter day here at FFRC yesterday. We've had such nice weather for January and in comes a snow with a bit of ice in the early hours on Saturday. We had 36 surgeries scheduled from the public. I was worried.......wasn't sure about our numbers due to the weather. But, the public came thru--we had 27 male cats arrive for their special neuter day. A good number considering the weather. We also had 5 cats for FFRC.

Big time thanks to Joyce D for supplying the pizza and bread sticks for lunch and to Gusti for supplying our drinks--so very kind of you.

The 27 surgeries went just fine. All went smooth. Do you realize we could not do these surgery dates without our volunteers? They come, they comfort the kittens and cats after surgery, keep track of their respirations and their warmth. It makes a huge difference in their recovery. Many thanks to Gem, Becky M, Dawn E, Barb, LJ, Sue B. And of course, Dr. Darcy, Amber and Lynnette were also here! It truly takes a group of dedicated people to do these events. And then......they stay and help clean up!

Dr. Dacy did physicals on some of our FFRC cats--Ally Jo, Fanta, Aricia, Xinzele and Penny Lane. All had good physicals!

Our neuters that we did were: Jondalar, Jandar and Tangerine. They did just fine. We already have Tangerine on hold!

We did have 2 tragedies though yesterday. This is truly one of the very hardest things for me to do--give this kind of update. It hurts the heart. We had 2 kitties that went to kitty heaven.

Fruitloops--upon his physical, a mass could be felt in his abdomen. We went ahead and sedated him to get a better feel of this mass. It was his spleen--very irregular, large and it was a mass that could not be fixed--a mass that ultimately would have caused his death soon. As much as this hurts though, I'm glad he was here at FFRC. He was a young brown tiger, found at ODOT by a dear friend and brought to FFRC on 1/16. His birthday was 10/3/19. During his very short stay, he was so loved, held and enjoyed. I have already talked to our friend that brought Fruitloops in.

Trinket--she was our calico kitten that arrived with her brother, Tangerine. She passed her physical and was to be our only spay for the day. She was sedated, prepped for surgery and in an instant, her heart and respirations stopped. We are quick to react to these situations but nothing helped. We could not get that heart going again. Such a sad thing to have happened. She was also going to have her own home on Thursday. Her death was attributed to a reaction to a med. Unfortunately, there is no way to know which cat may or may not react badly to the meds. While medicines are a very important part of healing, they can also cause problems. My heart hurts for her short life. I have already talked to the lady who was to be Trinket's new mama.

I had said something long ago and a friend made a beautiful picture of this saying that I keep hung in the front Thumper's Room. It says: "....we can love all of them and still have more love to give." I know these deaths are hard to take. We mourn their loss. We feel that sadness. And then.........we have to keep on going. The reason is that there are more kittens and cats to care for. Some folks have asked me--how do you take this? how do you keep going? Never ever think for a moment that these deaths don't hurt. They do........hugely. But, as I said, we keep on going so we can continue our rescue work.

This has been an extremely extra busy 2 months for me. If I miss something, forget to recognize something, make an error on the blog, whatever.........please, don't hesitate to email me.

Please know that I am grateful for all of you "out there". You are an important part of what we do here at FFRC. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.