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FFRC Nation is a fan site dedicated to Friends of Felines Rescue Center which is located in Defiance Ohio. This site is maintained in cooperation with FFRC and Jacci.

Blind Fio having a great time playing!

Creating a forum account

Please email info@ffrcnation.com to obtain a forum user account. Please tell us your chat name and how long you have been watching FFRC. If you don't chat, tell us what username you want to use, we cannot use your email address as your username.

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Where do I log in?

You log in on the New Forum page.

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FFRC Upcoming Events

  1. Name a kitty (2 for 1 names!)

    January 15 - February 15
  2. Fundraiser Jan 20-23

    January 20 - January 23
  3. Humane Ohio – Feb 3

    February 3
  4. Humane Ohio – Feb 17

    February 17
  5. Humane Ohio – March 2

    March 2

All times are listed in FFRC (EST) times.

Event times and dates are subject to change with no notice.

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