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Forum rules
Chatters and Lurkers are all welcome. We are ONE FFRC Nation...

The first rule is PLAY NICE! The same rules that applied on the Chatters FB page also apply here!

The FFRC Nation is a positive group where we can share our thoughts, pictures and stories of our beloved cats and other positive interests. This is a family site to have fun.

This is not the forum for negativism or criticism.

This is also not the forum for solicitation of donations to private parties or to other organizations.

This group is for Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center! This is where we can come together as a community.

Posts which are not respectful will be removed.

Please refrain from discussions that invite discord. This is NOT the place for discussions about religion, politics, or other controversial subjects.

People who continuously cause discord will be banned from the site....but hopefully that never has to happen!

Let’s have respectful fun!

While we know that you love to posts pictures, we would appreciate that this page not be flooded with numerous pictures.

Please confine your pictures to 2 a day. If you want to share more, put them on your own Flicker page, then share your site with us! You can also upload G-Rated images to your own Profile Gallery by first clicking on User Control Panel on the FFRC Nation forums & then share that link with us too.

Please be respectful of the right to privacy of all members of the FFRC Nation (both at FFRC and in "cyber land"). Discussions of a personal nature should be done in either a private message with the person, this includes sharing personal information about others, even if well intentioned....*These rules are in effect for all FFRC sites*

If you have any questions or concerns, Please refrain from discussing it in the forums. Instead Please send a Private Message (PM) to an Administrator or Moderator. At the bottom of the forum you will see Who is online. Admins are in RED & Moderators are in Green. Click on their name then choose to send them a PM. If one is not currently online you can click on the word Members to get the list & click on a Moderator or Administrators name & send them a PM.
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